From April 29th 2019 until September 30th 2019. Service may continue longer depending on the delivery of the ‘All Weather” vessel.

Dock master on Duty at 416-995-6809

Monthly Pass Rate

Adults/Seniors $100.00 (Includes HST)
Students $80.00 (Includes HST)
Regular rate $10 one-way
Island Staff Passes $120.00 (Includes HST)

The 2019 Ward’s Island schedule explained

The following notice applies to Ward’s Island residents only.

Welcome everyone on Algonquin and Ward’s island. This will be our third season running a scheduled service between the Islands and Yonge St. We will begin our service on Monday, April 29th 2019 and run right through until at least September 30th this fall.

The schedule is fixed for the entire season however there have been a few changes that must be communicated out there before we commence. I will attempt to summarize all of the changes below.

To begin with, The Otter Guy Inc. will start earlier in the day with the first water taxi departing Ward’s at 8:20 AM instead of the previous 9:20 AM however the service will only run from Monday to Friday except on holidays (four (4) holiday Mondays’ this season). On the weekend we will depart from Wards’ at the usual 9:20 AM

We will also be extending our last run from the City to Wards’ departing Yonge St. at 2 AM, but this will only run on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holiday evenings. All of this is possible due to The Otter Guy Inc. (herein referred to as TOGI) hiring capable Islanders who will end the runs on the island side.

As for weekend service (including the four holiday Mondays) , there may be disruptions in the regular schedule on busy days, however the frequency of vessels to and from Wards’ will be higher than during the week. Be prepared for possible delays during the “rush hour” but as you all know from experience, we will do our best to get you to Wards’ as soon as we can.

We will also allow Islanders to embark or disembark from all points on the island, but only when space is available on a TOGI vessel is carrying another paid passenger to that destination. Feel free to relay your plans to the dock master to ensure expediency and timing. We will have as usual a dock master at Yonge St. from 9 AM until either 1 or 2 AM 7 days a week.

While we will never leave for Wards’ early, we may delay departure if an Islander calls the dock master in advance and requests a reasonable delay in the departure and provided that no other passengers on the vessel object.

Though we raised our prices this season, we are still cheaper by $4.05 than the ferry for adults, but our discount for students is slightly higher at $80 each. Students must be enrolled in school to be eligible for a discount. Infants are free.

Payment can be made by credit, debit or cash at our office at 5 Queens Quay. Payment must be made in person because your photo is required for every monthly pass. If we already have your photo on file AND you are happy with your existing photo, payment can be made by phone at 416-995-6809. Please remember to ‘look you best’ for the photo as you will have to present often.

We also offer Islander Staff Passes to those who have regular jobs on the Island. The Islander Staff passes cost more ($120 per person) so indicate to the dock master that you’re “resident” and not an “employee” on the Island to avoid being overcharged.

On a final note, we have ordered “all weather vessels” so that we can run later in the year, however we may have delays in the ships being delivered in time. We will keep you informed. Please double check with our office to make sure we have a current email address and phone number for you so that we can give you updates when they become available.