The Otter Guy has made a bold move to introduce a high speed electric catamaran to ferry people back and forth between Yonge St. and Humber Bay. It is our belief that this is only the beginning until people living in the GTA will finally have water borne alternatives to commute in and out of the downtown core.

Currently The Otter Guy Inc. is trying to secure a dock in Humber Bay to make this a reality. While our naval architects have designed these sleek and nimble vessels, The Otter Guy cannot put the designs into production until the government has committed to working with us to make this a reality.

If the Otter Guy can secure a dock, we have existing boats to service the area until the new boats come online. Though we will cost more than a T.T.C. ride (around $10 per trip), our boats are a premium service that will provide a level of comfort that hasn’t been experienced by a commuter so far. WiFi, toilets, AC and bike racks are only a few of the amenities we will be offering. With your support, we can make this a reality.